Configure Automatic shutdown FOR A SPECIFIC USER

How to configure Automatic shutdown FOR A SPECIFIC  USER

Hi friends,
          In my previous post we saw How to configure Automatic shutdown FOR ALL USER .
          But some times we can fixed this automatic shutdown for all users. We want to do this for some/One       specif user only.
This a very common issue for companies which have a limited Ax user license.  User just remain idle for a log time and eat license. To overcome this problem  we can set the automatic shut down for  user who Remains Idle For Few/Many Minutes in Axapta.

To do this go to Admin–> Users


After click on User  a new form will open. here click on “User Option”


When you click on “User option”  a new Form will open.


Here you can set the automatic shut down for selected specific user.
This user will automatically shut down after 120 minutes of Idle time.

- Harry


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