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Menu buttons are not appearing on Dynamics AX application

Hi Folks,When you access AX application on DEV/TEST/SAND box (server directly) you will miss several menu/option buttons. Same issue is with LCS portal.To fix this issue, just add both URL as trusted site. To do this follow below easy steps: 1. Open Internet explorer2. Go to Option->Security->trusted site and add both thereNow open refresh your pages and check….Now it look more catchy , isn’t it.

Setup Number Sequence in AX7

Hi Friends,

Number sequence setup is almost same in D365 and AX2012. We have to Setup number sequence for first time use our environment. Follow below few steps are you all set to go.

1. Go to

2. Click on generate

New wizard will open,

Click on next button,

That’s all. You all set with number sequence now.