March 16, 2020

Book review Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Apps

Hello Everyone,

Since many months I have been reviewing this much awaited book, titled "Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Apps: Learn best practices, architecture, tools, techniques, and more, 2nd Edition". I review each chapter of this book and found very useful for every consultant. 

I would say it’s a one spot destination for overall D365 FnO solution including the neighbor technology, which are pretty much used in every implementation. It covers in depth details on every area you can think of while behind the wheel including but not limited to D365 Architecture, Methodology, LCS, Logic apps, Integrations, common issues, comparison between different available tools, best use of each tool and many more.

You will get more insight on below points

   Understand the architecture of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Apps
   Implement Dynamics with confidence to manage finances in your business
   Get up to speed with different methodologies and support cycles of the Microsoft Dynamics architecture
   Explore best practices to analyze the requirements of your business
   Understand the technique of data migration from legacy systems
   Leverage the capabilities of Power BI to make informed business decisions
   Manage all your upgrades through One Version service updates

I really appreciated the hard work of all authors who put their best of best and delivered this amazing book for us. Authors of this book are JJ Yadav , Sandeep Shukla , Rahul Mohta, Yogesh Kasat.

Here is the link to this book at


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March 05, 2020

[Solved] Error while creating table extension

Hi there,

While trying to create a table extension, all sudden I got below error message

K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\####\###\AxTableExtension\EcoResProduct.###.xml(0,0):  ConfigurationKeyDoesNotExist: Path: [AxTableExtension/EcoResProduct.###/FullTextIndexes/SearchNameFullTextIdx/ConfigurationKey]:Configuration key 'Retail' does not exist.

The possible reason and a solution is, you might missing package reference to retail in your custom package where you are doing customization. Add the respective package as reference to your package, here in this example I need to add 'Retail' package reference to my local package.

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