February 22, 2024

QuickFix: Build pipeline failing at 'Prepare for Build' step

[This is my own experience which worked for me. Pay attention to other troubleshooting as well like checking for any error on other steps, checking event viewer etc]
Issue: Build pipeline failing at step of 'Prepare for build' or it's taking a very long time, it's stuck at the below step,


Solution: If you read the previous steps carefully it may give you some more details something like the below, 

If you RDP to your build machine and check for the folder delete this from the Build machine and try to run the pipeline, if should create this from scratch. 

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January 13, 2024

QuickFix: Stop script for service model: AOSService on machine:

If you are getting errors while upgrading your tier-1 environment, trust me you are not alone, many of us facing this error say, 

Error 1: 
Stop script for service model: AOSService on machine

If you remember this is the same issue we had with the earlier version, and to fix this you have to update the VC++ runtime. You can download this from the below link and run it on our tier-1 environment (s).

Error 2:
GlobalUpdate script for service model: RetailServer on machine:(VM Name)

Let's understand why, (Or let's see what the fix is :) )

Whenever you Apply any update from LCS, it will create a package on VM local disk normally at the below location 
ServiceVolume\DeployablePackages  and you have to select the most recent folder (in case you already tried a few times with this error).

Navigate to RetailServer\Scripts and find the file name 'DropAllRetialChannelDbObjects'. 
Here is the entire path in case you need it (ServiceVolume\DeployablePackages\RetailServer\Scripts\DropAllRetialChannelDbObjects), run this SQL query on AXDB on VM and try again to apply the update. 

Tip: This SQL script sometimes takes hours and hours to finish, you can try to stop this execution and select one query at a time from the script. 

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