August 01, 2020

[Solved] Logic app error with ImportFromPackage - The mapping is incorrect for entity

Error Message: 

Below error message comes when trying to import a data package in D365FO using ImportFromPackage action. 



  "message""An error has occurred.  Exception occurred while executing action ImportFromPackage on Entity DataManagementDefinitionGroup: The mapping is incorrect for entity <EntityName> and field {0000000}.\r\nclientRequestId: 0000000",

  "error": {

    "message""An error has occurred.  Exception occurred while executing action ImportFromPackage on Entity DataManagementDefinitionGroup: The mapping is incorrect for entity <EntityName> and field {0000000}."



  "errors": []



 Possible reason and solution:


Generally, this issue comes when you provide the wrong file format. Check what file format type you mention in your import package you might have provided different file formats.

The most common scenario is when you are supposed to send a CSV file but accidentally passed an excel file and vice versa.


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July 30, 2020

Say Hello to Microsoft DataFlex

Hi Folks,

Here we go again with a rebranding around CDS which is now known as DataFlex, yes that's right, CDS is now DataFlex - a new low-code data platform for Microsoft Teams. You can create and run thousands of applications, flows, and intelligent agents with a smart, secure, and now with scalable low-code data platform.

What it offers:

DataFlex Pro: Its more or less the same as what we have in CDS today including same licensing i.e.


            $40/User/Month – unlimited apps


DataFlex: Its basically a new simplified version or I would say lightweight of CDS for building an app on top of Microsoft Team. It includes as free with your Microsoft office 365 license which includes Teams. 

Below is a screenshot for reference, hoe easily you can create different tables and columns to meet business requirements.



Why DataFlex?


i.                    Provides the ability to use model-driven power apps in Teams with no extra licensing cost.

ii.                 Currently, to build an app for Team you need to use the SharePoint list to save some licensing cost that too not a relation Database and without scalability. While DataFlex provides a free relation DB to build a team-based PowerApps

iii.               A low code tool that enables you to build Team apps and bots similar to native apps.

iv.               Streamline identity protection and secure guest access with identity management and multifactor authentication.

v.                  Reduce data management stress and let Dataflex Pro determine your storage needs for relational data, file and blob storage, logs, and search indexing.

vi.               Quickly develop applications your way—either with custom code or using no or low-code—across Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365, and with more than 300 connectors.

vii.            Create a solid data foundation using automatic duplication detection and more than 300 data transformations that clean and reshape data

Further references:

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