August 01, 2020

[Solved] Logic app error with ImportFromPackage - The mapping is incorrect for entity

Error Message: 

Below error message comes when trying to import a data package in D365FO using ImportFromPackage action. 



  "message""An error has occurred.  Exception occurred while executing action ImportFromPackage on Entity DataManagementDefinitionGroup: The mapping is incorrect for entity <EntityName> and field {0000000}.\r\nclientRequestId: 0000000",

  "error": {

    "message""An error has occurred.  Exception occurred while executing action ImportFromPackage on Entity DataManagementDefinitionGroup: The mapping is incorrect for entity <EntityName> and field {0000000}."



  "errors": []



 Possible reason and solution:


Generally, this issue comes when you provide the wrong file format. Check what file format type you mention in your import package you might have provided different file formats.

The most common scenario is when you are supposed to send a CSV file but accidentally passed an excel file and vice versa.


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July 30, 2020

Say Hello to Microsoft DataFlex

Hi Folks,

Here we go again with a rebranding around CDS which is now known as DataFlex, yes that's right, CDS is now DataFlex - a new low-code data platform for Microsoft Teams. You can create and run thousands of applications, flows, and intelligent agents with a smart, secure, and now with scalable low-code data platform.

What it offers:

DataFlex Pro: Its more or less the same as what we have in CDS today including same licensing i.e.


            $40/User/Month – unlimited apps


DataFlex: Its basically a new simplified version or I would say lightweight of CDS for building an app on top of Microsoft Team. It includes as free with your Microsoft office 365 license which includes Teams. 

Below is a screenshot for reference, hoe easily you can create different tables and columns to meet business requirements.



Why DataFlex?


i.                    Provides the ability to use model-driven power apps in Teams with no extra licensing cost.

ii.                 Currently, to build an app for Team you need to use the SharePoint list to save some licensing cost that too not a relation Database and without scalability. While DataFlex provides a free relation DB to build a team-based PowerApps

iii.               A low code tool that enables you to build Team apps and bots similar to native apps.

iv.               Streamline identity protection and secure guest access with identity management and multifactor authentication.

v.                  Reduce data management stress and let Dataflex Pro determine your storage needs for relational data, file and blob storage, logs, and search indexing.

vi.               Quickly develop applications your way—either with custom code or using no or low-code—across Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365, and with more than 300 connectors.

vii.            Create a solid data foundation using automatic duplication detection and more than 300 data transformations that clean and reshape data

Further references:

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July 10, 2020

QuickFix -13:[Solved] Error "labelc.exe exited with code -1"

Error message:

warning RG0000: Duplicate resource key!  Name was: "<labelId>"1 warnings(s). 

labelc.exe exited with code -1.

Possible reason:     

This error comes when there are duplicate rows in your label file. There are two or more rows with the same labelId.


Check your respective label file with <LabelId> , there must be some duplicate records and remove one duplicate row there. 


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July 02, 2020

[Solved] Issue with data entity EcoResReleasedProductCreationV2Entity - Error executing code. The field with Id '0' does not exist in table 'InventTableModule

Hi Folks,

There are two data available in system EcoResReleasedProductV2Entity and EcoResReleasedProductCreationV2Entity with a similar appearance. Let’s first understand the use of each, To create release products in the system user has to use EcoResReleasedProductCreationV2Entity while updating release products user have to use EcoResReleasedProductV2Entity.

Now let's discuss the error which I was facing while using EcoResReleasedProductCreationV2Entity data entity to create release product. Below is the error message.

"Result: Error executing code. The field with Id '0' does not exist in table 'InventTableModule'. "

Now to fix this issue you need to install one hotfix in your system which is suggested by Microsoft. Go to your LCS project and search for KB4559650, 

now you have to install this KB on your machine. On successful deployment, you should be able to use this data entity to release product import.


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June 14, 2020

AppChecker in Dynamics 365 Finance and operations

Hi Folks,


You may have seen one checkbox for AppChecker while doing a model build or while creating deployable packages OR maybe somewhere else in this lockdown. :)


Have you ever wondered what this all about and why it can be useful in your project. Well this tool is another check to ensure that your custom code meets all MS best practice and it behaves kind of a gatekeeper to ensure your coding standards are met to avoid any further upgrade issue with #MSDyn365FO.


In other words (I mean using copy-paste ;)  it Allows you to get insights into what processes a particular application is performing, including stack traces and low level memory management data. It will complement Activity Tracking and will hopefully have its own dashboard in LCS where all of this data is overlaid for easy consumption.


You can get more details on AppChecker on below links


Application checker on GitHub


Biggest Takeaways From Microsoft BizApp Summit 2019


Enjoy home arrest for few more days..... No week or maybe another month.




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June 01, 2020

QuickFix -12: 'Open with logic app designer' missing in Visual studio

Recently I installed VS2019 professional on a new machine and while developing Logic Apps through ARM I can not see the option to open my JSON file in logic app designer. 

To overcome this issue, download another addins "Azure Logic Apps Tools for Visual Studio 2019"

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May 07, 2020

[Solved] Logic app error while calling D365FO action GetAzureWriteUrl

  "message""An error has occurred.  Exception occurred while executing action GetAzureWriteUrl on Entity DataManagementDefinitionGroup: The blob with identifier  could not be obtained.\r\nclientRequestId: ###### ###",
  "error": {
    "message""An error has occurred.  Exception occurred while executing action GetAzureWriteUrl on Entity DataManagementDefinitionGroup: The blob with identifier  could not be obtained."
  "errors": []

Possible reason:

If it's coming on newly added action than you are missing guid, If you modify anything on the action the guid parameter clears itself and you need to put it again.


Pass a unique value in the action parameter uniqueFileName  , you can write an expression for guid like guid().


Check out my other post on Logic app errors and solutions.

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May 02, 2020

How to get tableId of tables in D365FO

Hi Folks,

Now when we don't have the leverage of Jobs any more and if you need quick result when you are dealing with multiple tables, try below to get table Id

Option 1: D365FO browser
http://<Environment link>/?cmp=<LegalEntity>&mi=SysTableBrowser&TableName=SysTableIdView

Option 2: SQL server management studio
Run below query

select * from SysTableIdView

Of course, you can filter your queries based on your requirements. 

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April 23, 2020

QuickFix -11: Extensible Data security in D365FO

Here is some really good read on XDS and how to use it. While another link detailed about how to bypass XDS as some exceptional requirement.

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April 04, 2020

How to enable maintenance mode

Hi Folks,

Now when most of the project management stuff needs to handle via LCS for D365FO project implementation. In each cloud-hosted environment, we use to have the option to enable maintenance mode for an environment. But for DevTest/Demo environments we don’t have that option on LCS. So, here are some steps to enable maintenance mode,
1. Open SQL server management studio (SSMS) in the dev box.
2. Go to AXDB and use the below queries as per your requirement,

a. To check current state
select Value from sqlsystemvariables a where a.PARM = 'configurationmode'

b. To enable maintenance mode
update sqlsystemvariables set VALUE = 1 where PARM = 'configurationmode'

c.  Now you need to restart word wide web service. Sometimes it doesn't work and you need to just restart this service for more than once.

d. Once you done with your activities run below query to disable maintenance mode
update sqlsystemvariables set VALUE = 0 where PARM = 'configurationmode'

3. Whenever you made a change to it.

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This post is referenced from MS Docs.

March 16, 2020

Book review Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Apps

Hello Everyone,

Since many months I have been reviewing this much awaited book, titled "Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Apps: Learn best practices, architecture, tools, techniques, and more, 2nd Edition". I review each chapter of this book and found very useful for every consultant. 

I would say it’s a one spot destination for overall D365 FnO solution including the neighbor technology, which are pretty much used in every implementation. It covers in depth details on every area you can think of while behind the wheel including but not limited to D365 Architecture, Methodology, LCS, Logic apps, Integrations, common issues, comparison between different available tools, best use of each tool and many more.

You will get more insight on below points

   Understand the architecture of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Apps
   Implement Dynamics with confidence to manage finances in your business
   Get up to speed with different methodologies and support cycles of the Microsoft Dynamics architecture
   Explore best practices to analyze the requirements of your business
   Understand the technique of data migration from legacy systems
   Leverage the capabilities of Power BI to make informed business decisions
   Manage all your upgrades through One Version service updates

I really appreciated the hard work of all authors who put their best of best and delivered this amazing book for us. Authors of this book are JJ Yadav , Sandeep Shukla , Rahul Mohta, Yogesh Kasat.

Here is the link to this book at


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March 05, 2020

[Solved] Error while creating table extension

Hi there,

While trying to create a table extension, all sudden I got below error message

K:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory\####\###\AxTableExtension\EcoResProduct.###.xml(0,0):  ConfigurationKeyDoesNotExist: Path: [AxTableExtension/EcoResProduct.###/FullTextIndexes/SearchNameFullTextIdx/ConfigurationKey]:Configuration key 'Retail' does not exist.

The possible reason and a solution is, you might missing package reference to retail in your custom package where you are doing customization. Add the respective package as reference to your package, here in this example I need to add 'Retail' package reference to my local package.

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January 27, 2020

QuickFix-10: Dynamics365FO-AppChecker

The Dynamics Application checker is a set of technologies that allow developer to gain insight into their application code (i.e. source and metadata) in ways that have not been possible before. The technology is based on representing both source code and metadata in XML and providing rich search facilities by using the XQuery language to express declarative queries over the source code. The current implementation runs inside a BaseX repository running locally on the developer's box.
You can find more information about

  1. Installing BaseX here:
  2. Github respo:
  3. BaseX official site:

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January 20, 2020

D365 Finance and operations Cloud offering

Every cloud implementation of D365 Finance and operations offers three types of environments.

Tier-1 environment: Tier 1 environments include Develop and test boxes. As a standard MS provides one develop/test instance for the duration of the subscription. This instance is a non-production single-box instance and can be used for Development OR Unit testing OR an automated build environments. Customer can purchase additional develop/test instances separately as an optional add-on. Provisioning for Tier-1 occurs When the Design phase starts. The provisioning process requires that Microsoft Azure DevOps be configured.

Tier-2 environment: Tier 2 environments includes a Standard Acceptance Testing (SAT) Or User acceptance testing (UAT). As subscription plan One Standard Acceptance Testing (UAT) instance is provided for the duration of the subscription. This instance is a non-production multi-box instance which  can be use for UAT, integration testing, and training. Customer can purchase additional sandbox/staging instances separately as an optional add-on. Provisioning for Tier-2 occurs During on-boarding with the Microsoft FastTrack team.

Production environment– One production instance is provided per tenant. The production multi-box instance includes disaster recovery and high availability. It will be provisioned when the implementation approaches the operate phase, after the required activities in the LCS methodology and a successful go-live assessment are completed. There is no option to buy another environment this category. Provisioning for production environments occurs at the time of production system readiness phase. A production deployment request must be submitted in LCS. Deployment is done through the Dynamics Service Engineering (DSE) team within two business days.

Additionally, the following file storage and database storage are included:
File storage - Every customer receives 100 GB of file/Azure blob cloud storage for files and binary data. Additional file/blob storage can be purchased.

Database storage - Every Finance and Operations apps subscription includes 10 GB of Azure SQL Database storage per customer at no additional charge. Additional storage capacity is provided at no charge as an organization increases the number of user and device service licenses.

Difference between Tier-1 vs. Tier-2 and higher
Tier-2 and higher
Single-box environment
Multi-box environment
All components are installed on the same server, a Virtual Machine. These components include Application Object Server (AOS), the database, Dynamics 365 Retail, and Management Reporter. These components include Application Object Server (AOS), the database, Dynamics 365 Retail, and Management Reporter.
Components are installed on multiple cloud services, and typically include more than one Application Object Server (AOS).
Microsoft SQL Server is used.
Azure SQL Database is used.
The architecture differs from the architecture of the production environment to maximize efficiency and cost of the development team.
The architecture is the same as the architecture of the production environment, even though this type of environment has a different sizing and isn't enabled for disaster recovery.
The environment can be deployed in various ways. For example, it can be deployed as an add-on, it can be cloud-hosted, or it can be deployed as an environment image (VHD).
The environment can be deployed only as a standard environment or an add-on environment. It can't be cloud-hosted.
The environment isn't suitable for UAT or performance testing.
The environment is suitable for UAT and performance testing.

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PS: This post refers to Microsoft Doc website.