August 23, 2019

QuickFix-7: Feature management in D365FO

Feature management OR Flighting is a new concept introduced by Microsoft from D365FO version 10.0 that allows turning on new features, which are delivered but not activated by default.
Some of these “hidden” new functionalities are: 
  1. ·        Client alert notifications by email
  2. ·        Manage access to network printers across legal entities
  3. ·        Business events
Check these links for more details

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August 18, 2019

How to increase font size in BizTalk schema/Map editor

Hi Folk,

Now when Logic apps are all over around the integration of D365FO, I am sure you have seen BizTalk editor once in a while. The default editor's font size is so small, you may need a magnifier glass. And I really mean it.

I searched for some solution around the web but didn't found much of the help. Well, here I am sharing my finding with the possible solution or I would say most suitable solution as of now.

Here is a screenshot of the default font size.

To fix this issue, Go to

Setting > Display setting > Advance Display setting > Advance Sizing of text and other Items

Above navigate should give you below screen

here click on 'set a custom scaling level'. and set the scale to 300%

Once you have done this, re-login into the system and see the changes. Below is the new appearance of the same map.

For more details on BizTalk check below link,

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August 04, 2019

[Solved] Error in Logic app. Status: 403

Hi Folks,

Logic comes a long way for most of the integration thing in Dynamics 365 FO. Its provides a good set of connectors to develop inbound/outbound integration process. While troubleshooting any error is not so easy while it comes to the logic app for new people. I will be sharing some the common error which I faced during development and hopefully, that will helpful for you guys too.

"status": 403,
  "message": "{\r\n  \"Message\": \"An error has occurred.\",\r\n  \"ExceptionMessage\": \"Forbidden\",\r\n  \"ExceptionType\": \"System.ServiceModel.Web.WebFaultException`1[[System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=######]]\",\r\n  \"StackTrace\": \"   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Services.ServicesSessionProvider.ThrowSessionCreationException(ServicesSessionCreationErrorCode exceptionCode)\\r\\n   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Services.ServicesSessionProvider.GetSession(Boolean isILSession, Boolean bypassAuthentication, String issuer, String company, String language, String partitionKey, ClaimsIdentity claimsIdentity)\\r\\n   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Services.ServicesSessionManager.InitThreadSession(Boolean ilSession, SessionType sessionType, Boolean bypassAuthentication, String authIssuer, String company, String language, String partitionKey, ClaimsIdentity claimsIdentity)\\r\\n   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Platform.Integration.Common.SessionManagement.ServicesAosSessionManager.InitializeSession(Boolean bypassAuthentication, String authIssuerThumbprint, ClaimsIdentity claimsIdentity)\\r\\n   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Platform.Integration.Common.SessionManagement.OwinRequestSessionProvider.CreateSession(ClaimsIdentity claimsIdentity)\\r\\n   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Platform.Integration.Common.SessionManagement.ServicesRequestSessionHelper.EnsureRequestSession(IServicesRequestSessionProvider servicesRequestSessionProvider, ClaimsIdentity claimsIdentity)\\r\\n   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Platform.Integration.Common.SessionManagement.EnsureServicesRequestSessionHandler.EnsureServicesRequestSession(HttpRequestMessage request, IApplicationEnvironment applicationEnvironment)\"\r\n}\r\nclientRequestId: ##########",
  "source": "",

  "errors": []

Possible reason: 
You have used certain users in Logic apps while creating API connections. while that users don't have access to target AX system.

Check the used in target/Source AX system if the user doesn't exist import the same with admin or proper access. If the user exists then check its access.

I will keep posting any error which I faced with a solution that works for me and I hope that may work for you as well. If you are getting other error, put that in the comment section and I will try to find a solution for you.

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August 01, 2019

QuickFix-6: How to check if code is running on batch server

If you want to check if the code is running either on the batch or locally, call below method.

1. For sysOperation framework: this.isExecutingInBatch().
2. RunBase batch: this.isInBatch()

both methods will return a boolean.

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