October 11, 2021

[Solved] Entity store not refreshing / Power Bi measure not refreshing

Hi Folks,

Power BI is amazing tool when it comes to reporting needs. You can easily create new BI measures for your project need. Recently I have been facing issues with the Entity store where it stopped refreshing and synching with AXDW database. Below are few steps you can try to resolve the issue.

1. Services: Check if all required windows services are up and running. Primarily batch job service

2. Batch groups: If this issue is coming after a recent change on the server like DB restore then check if the batch groups having a server assigned to it. 
Go to System Admin > Setup > Batch Group and check the Batch server tab there. There should be values in the selected server node,

3. Batch Jobs: Navigate to System admin > Inquiries > Batch Jobs. Here search for 'Full reset' job, 

(In case your UI looks different than the above screenshot, try to switch to enhanced view).

Click on job id and you should get below screen, 


Hope this post will help to resolve the entity refresh issue for you as well. 


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