June 21, 2021


Hi Folks,

The other day I was getting errors while doing build and DB sync. This error is quite strange when looking at the details in the Error List pane. Below is the error message(s).

Error message:




If you succeed to get some details from this error message 😊, you will see the issue with SECURITYROLEPRIVILEGERESOURCELICENSEMAP while you won’t get anything in AOT with this name.



Let’s try the SQL then. Open the SSMS and select AxDB then searches for dbo. SECURITYROLEPRIVILEGERESOURCELICENSEMAP and right-click to see the design. You may get some additional fields here, ideally, there should be below seven fields, (you should be double sure if anyone else in your team added anything)

And delete any additional fields from here.



Save your changes and go back to Visual Studio and try to do build and DB synch. It should work.


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