October 30, 2014

Get Default Workflow list in AX 2012

How to Fetch Default Workflow list in AX 2012

Hi Folks,

Here is a job to fetch existing workflows in AX 2012.

static void TheAxapta_WFList(Args _args)
Treenode                workflowTypesNode, workFlowNode;
int                     i;
int                     nodeCount;
str                     workflowName;
SysDictWorkflowType     sysDictWorkflowType;
SysDictWorkflowCategory sysDictWorkflowCategory;
workflowTypesNode = treenode::findNode(#WorkflowTypesPath);
nodeCount = workflowTypesNode.AOTchildNodeCount();
workFlowNode = workflowTypesNode.AOTfirstChild();
for (i=1; i<=nodeCount; ++i)
workflowName = workFlowNode.AOTgetProperty("Name");
sysDictWorkflowType = SysDictWorkflowType::newTypeName(workflowName);
sysDictWorkflowCategory = new SysDictWorkflowCategory(sysDictWorkflowType.category());
info(sysDictWorkflowCategory.label() + ";"
+ sysDictWorkflowType.label() + ";"
+ sysDictWorkflowType.help());
catch ( Exception::Error)
workFlowNode = workFlowNode.AOTnextSibling();

Your output must look like below

- Harry

October 11, 2014

Another year...... MVP

Hi All, 
I would like to share this golden moment with you all, Again I’m awarded by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professional (MVP) this year as well.
Its third time in row when I recognized by Microsoft for Dynamics AX. 
Thanks to each of you for your guidance and support.   
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1st Year Award

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