November 13, 2023

Color code the cell in Excel export

Hi Folks, 

Below is a sample code to color code your Excel cell while exporting. In this code, we will be using two assemblies as below

using OfficeOpenXml;
using OfficeOpenXml.Style; 

and standard Excel export code with a bit of creativity, 

You can be more creative by writing separate methods for major colors and calling them based on cell values. 

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October 24, 2023

[Solved]Error while importing/Exporting opening balances DIXF (No active format for data entities has been set up)

Hi Folks, 

We were trying to import some opening balances and encountered some issues which say error as below,  

Error 1:

Results. The account type Ledger is not valid
Results. Validations failed

Error 2:

Results. No active format for data entities has been set up.
Set up an active format for each dimension format type.
Results. Error found when validating record.
Data written to target 'General journal' ('0' records created, '0' records updated)


To fix this issue, Navigate to the below form

"General ledger > Chart of accounts > Dimensions > Financial dimension configuration for integrating applications"

Now here you need to set up two records as below, please make a note of the 'Dimension format type' and select the required dimension from available dimension types. 

Save your changes and retry to import/export your file, it should work this time. 

If you want to learn more about this specific form, I would recommend reading below Microsoft document.

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