January 13, 2024

QuickFix: Stop script for service model: AOSService on machine:

If you are getting errors while upgrading your tier-1 environment, trust me you are not alone, many of us facing this error say, 

Error 1: 
Stop script for service model: AOSService on machine

If you remember this is the same issue we had with the earlier version, and to fix this you have to update the VC++ runtime. You can download this from the below link and run it on our tier-1 environment (s).

Error 2:
GlobalUpdate script for service model: RetailServer on machine:(VM Name)

Let's understand why, (Or let's see what the fix is :) )

Whenever you Apply any update from LCS, it will create a package on VM local disk normally at the below location 
ServiceVolume\DeployablePackages  and you have to select the most recent folder (in case you already tried a few times with this error).

Navigate to RetailServer\Scripts and find the file name 'DropAllRetialChannelDbObjects'. 
Here is the entire path in case you need it (ServiceVolume\DeployablePackages\RetailServer\Scripts\DropAllRetialChannelDbObjects), run this SQL query on AXDB on VM and try again to apply the update. 

Tip: This SQL script sometimes takes hours and hours to finish, you can try to stop this execution and select one query at a time from the script. 

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