January 21, 2013

AX 2012 R2 Step By Step Installation Guide

AX 2012 R2 Step By Step Installation 

As you know the much awaited AX 2012 R2 is launched. I just installed AX on my local computer, So i am just sharing some screen shots for your reference to install AX 2012.

1) Start the Setup Program.

2) Click "Microsoft Dynamics AX Components" under Install.

3) Click Next.

4) Select "I accept the license terms" *.

5) Choose Appropriate Option.

6) Processing will start.

7) Choose "Add or modify components".

8) Select Options to install/upgrade.

9) Review the Errors/warnings and click on "Configure" check box for the 
applicable errors. and click "Configure".

10) Click "Start" to start configuring components as per AX needs.

11) Select "Configure existing database (for upgrade scenarios)".

12) Specify your existing databases.

13) Choose models to upgrade.

14) Specify the "Temp" location for setup files.

15) Specify the SSAS details.

16) Specify credentials (we just have used the dummy account) for learning 
purpose only. Use your AD authenticated account details.

17) Specify .net BC account (if its not already there in AX)

18) Choose your Languages (en-US) in this demo.

19) Specify Data Crawler Account details.

20) SSRS Database details.

21) User Account for SSRS Access.

22) Click Install.
23) Verify the installation.


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