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Inventory Transfer Journal through X++ code

Inventory Transfer Journal through X++ codeHi All Here is a small code for Invent Transfer journal Posting

static void CreateTransferJournal(Args _args)
InventJournalTable inventJournalTable;
InventJournalTrans inventJournalTrans;
InventJournalCheckPost inventJournalCheckPost;
NumberSeq num;
boolean _throwserror=true;
boolean _showinforesult=true;
InventDim frominventDim,ToinventDim;
num = new NumberSeq();
num = NumberSeq::newGetNum
inventJournalTable.Description = “Inventory Transfer Journal”;
inventJournalTable.SystemBlocked = true;
inventJournalTrans.ItemId = “xxxxxx”;
frominventDim.inventSiteId =”xx”;
ToinventDim.InventLocationId = “xxxx”;

Creating Vendors through X++ in AX 2012- PART VI

Creating Vendors through X++ in AX 2012- PART VI
--Create communication details--

publicvoid createCommAddress(VendorRequestCreate          _vendorRequestCreate)
    VendorRequestCommunication       vendorRequestCommunication;
select Phone1, Phone2, Email, Fax from vendorRequestCommunication 
where vendorRequestCommunication.WI_VendorRequestCreate == _vendorRequestCreate.RecId;
//Phone 1
if(vendorRequestCommunication.Phone1 != '' && vendTable.Party != 0)
        logisticsLocation   = LogisticsLocation::create('Phone', NoYes::No);
        dirPartyContactInfoView.LocationName                = 'Primay Phone 1';
        dirPartyContactInfoView.Locator                     = vendorRequestCommunication.Phone1;
        dirPartyContactInfoView.Type                        = LogisticsElectronicAddressMethodType::Phone;
        dirPartyContactInfoView.Party                       = vendTable.Party;


HI Friends

I Found a very good article written by  Venkat Chaitanya Kanumukula,  about Tips-and-Enhancements-in-Dynamics-AX. Check it out by clicking following link..


Again thanks to Mr.  Venkat Chaitanya Kanumukulafor sharing such a good article with us.


Exam MB6-821 AX 2009

Exam MB6-821 AX 2009  MorphX Solution Development
Volume: A
1: Isaac, the Systems Developer, wants to modify the method SalesLine.calcLineAmount(). He wants to be sure that the change does not cause problems when it is used with the application. How can he find out where it is used?
A.Use the Reverse Engineering tool
B.Use the Cross-Reference tool
C.Right-click on the method and select Find  D.Right-click on the method and select Compare   Answers: B 2: Where are the online help files stored? A.In the AOT.
B.In .chm files on the client machine. C.In .hlp files on the AOS.
D.In .ahp files in the application files directory.
Answers: B

3: To obtain an overview of the data types inherited from AmountMST, which of the following would you use?:
A.The Reverse Engineering tool. B.The "Used by" node in the AOT. C.The "References" node in the AOT. D.TheApplication Hierarchy Tree.
Answers: D

4: How can modifications be moved between a development and a test system? Choose two that a…