May 28, 2015

Copy AX DB from one domain to other domain

Hi Folks,

Many time we need to restore one Database to another system which is not part of current domain. In such cases its not going to be straight forward to click on restore button on SQL. You need to perform some other action to make it work. 
  Use below steps to restore AX DB from a different Domain.

1. Restore DB using SQL management studio.
2. Edit UserInfo table in SSMS (SQL server management Studio).
you need to update the SID and domain. To find current system user SID use below steps.
SID of current system user:
Run below command in Command prompt.
whoami /user

You can also copy if from Registry
Type RegEdit in run command

3. Open SSMS, open AX database-> Tables -> SysUserInfo

Update below field in 
i. UserId
ii. Domain
iii. SID

4. Now start AOS services and open ax client. It should work.


May 19, 2015

Error: Fields are not visible in Form while added in table and field group

Issue: I added below fields in a new table (I picked from DirPartyTable, yes we prefer to copy new fields from other table ;) )
1. FirstName
2. Middle Name
3. Last Name
While i add the same in a Form these fields are not visible at all.

Possible reason:
In DirPartyTable  the configuration key for all above fields is set to “SysDeletedObjects60”, also these fields are prefixed “DEL”  that means these fields may deprecated in next version on AX.

Here is very simple solution, Just remove the configuration key from YOUR NEW table fields(don’t play with DirPartyTable, do it in your new table).
than synch table and restore your form. Now check all fields should visible on form.
Also you can have a look on table “DirPersonName”. Here you will found the same fields.

- Harry

May 11, 2015

Error while table synch

Error: While doing Synchronization system throw below error

SQL error description: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Error: The new name '' is already in use as a COLUMN name and would cause a duplicate that is not permitted.

Solution: I am not very much sure it is the right way or not, but by doing this this error will remove.

Export this table and delete from your customized layer. Now Synch this table and restore.

Now import you code again, this error must remove.

If you have any better solution for this issue, plz let me know or put you comments on our FB page


May 05, 2015

Error while Unit Testing [AX 2012 R3]

Hi All,
I was facing below error while running test cases for a customization. 

  • An internal error occurred in the remove operation in the SysTestRecordCleanUp#Context object cache.
  • A critical error has occurred in function SysTestRecordCleanUp::cleanUpContext.
  • An error has occurred. Contact your administrator for further assistance.

  • clip_image001 
    Solution: However i am not very much sure why this error was coming and what is the main reason for this, but I used below steps and its resolved this issue.
    1. Stop to AOS
    2. Delete AUC files from below path.
    3. Restart AOS.
    Try now, it should work fine.