May 19, 2015

Error: Fields are not visible in Form while added in table and field group

Issue: I added below fields in a new table (I picked from DirPartyTable, yes we prefer to copy new fields from other table ;) )
1. FirstName
2. Middle Name
3. Last Name
While i add the same in a Form these fields are not visible at all.

Possible reason:
In DirPartyTable  the configuration key for all above fields is set to “SysDeletedObjects60”, also these fields are prefixed “DEL”  that means these fields may deprecated in next version on AX.

Here is very simple solution, Just remove the configuration key from YOUR NEW table fields(don’t play with DirPartyTable, do it in your new table).
than synch table and restore your form. Now check all fields should visible on form.
Also you can have a look on table “DirPersonName”. Here you will found the same fields.

- Harry

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