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Error with Main account lookup: FormDataObject object does not have method 'resolveReference'

Hi Folks, Recently I faced one issue with Main account lookup on a new table. While selecting value from lookup I am getting several different errors, (see snaps below). Error message:Error executing code: FormDataObject object does not have method 'resolveReference'. Stack trace (C)\Classes\FormDataObject\resolveReference
(C)\Classes\SysSetupFormRun\task - line 20 Error Snaps:Solution: Try below steps to resolve this issue. 1. Create a normal relation in your table with DimensionAttributeValueCombination table like below yourTable.LedgerDimension == DimensionAttributeValueCombination.RecId2. On Form Data source, overwrite below method on LedgerDImension field public Common resolveReference(FormReferenceControl _formReferenceControl)
    return revaluationAccountController.resolveReference();
3. Overwrite below me…

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