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Dynamics 365/AX7 available certification

Updated: May 6, 2017.

Hi Folks,

Here is some information regarding latest version of AX certification.

Exam titleExam numberMicrosoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement Online DeploymentMB2-715Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and ConfigurationMB2-716Microsoft Dynamics 365 for SalesMB2-717Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer ServiceMB2-718

Refer these link also,

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Dynamics Ax 7, RTW is here

Hi Folks,

Finally we have a RTW(Release to Web) version of new Dynamics AX 7 (build number 7.0.1265.3015) and has been made available for deployments now. you can download virtual machine (VM) with below link

Dynamics Ax 7

(make sure you have require access for this link).

You can also get a lot of reference material + VM on LCS portal (Lifecycle services). LCS will also help you to deploy your desired environment on cloud.

Follow below link to get detailed information,  how to access Microsoft Dynamics AX Development instances, configure on premise development VMs, and find key configurations settings for developers and administrators.
Access Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Instances

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FormButtonGroupControl object does not have method “realValue”

Hi Guys,While accessing realEdit control methods in code system gives below error runtime.Error:Possible solution: Although there are not such issue with your code. Its just cache issue. Try to clear cache and compile your whole project.This issue must be fixed now.Thanks-Harry