March 09, 2017

How to rename an Object in VisualStudio[Dynamics365/AX7]

Hi Folks,
Many times we need to duplicate an standard object and do the required changes and system gives warning while rename. Same caused error during project build.
 Problem: While renaming any object in Visual studio project system throw below warning
“Some of the files you are renaming or moving will be located outside of the project's binding root. The item(s) <objectName>.xml will not be source controlled if you continue with this rename.”
If you just continue with change , you may get errors while project/solution build.
Possible reason: If you are using TFS and this new object are not added to source code you’' will get this error.
Suggest Solution: Add this new object in Source control by right click on object and select “Add file  to source control”
Now you should be able to rename it.
This works for me perfectly. If you got some other solution to fix this issue plz keep share your feedback or links to other posts.

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  1. in my case after adding the object to source control also its not allowing me to rename the object.
    it gives error - member not found in VS(DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND)



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