June 13, 2017

Export license file [AX2009/2012]

Every now and then, there is a need to export license keys from a system.  I needed to get into the VAR layer to modify the code in a Microsoft VPC, but as we all know, Contoso license keys don't come with the BUS/CUS/VAR access codes.  So I did what any developer would do:
  • Write a job to export the Contoso license key file
  • Import my company's partner license key file
    • DO NOT SYNC when it asks
  • Jump in the VAR layer using our layer access code to make my changes real quick
  • Import back the Contoso license key file I exported from my job and SYNC
Here is said job, enjoy!

June 01, 2017

X++ code for Product image upload in AX

Hi Folks,

In my previous post, I shared the test code to upload bulk images in AX through X++ code. Here is another set of code to achieve the same. Create a new class with the below methods.