November 11, 2017

Mobile app development in D365 for FO - Part I

Hi Folks,

This is my first post on mobile development, here I am going to share basic development steps (that’s doesn’t require any coding really.) J MS released a new mobile app for Android and iOS named as “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations”, MS keep releasing new exciting feature and support in a timely manner.

1.      Download Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operation app from your mobile store

2.      For the first time, you need to use your D365 application URL and valid credentials to open this app

3.      Now go to your web browser and open D365. On the right top corner select setting > Mobile App

4.      Your browser will split into two portions, left one for D365 web browser while right side for mobile application configuration, like below

5.      For this demo, let’s take an example of Customers. Click on create button

6.      We will add a new mobile workspace for Customers and a page for “All customer”

7.      You will be navigated to the next screen for “All customer”, where you need to select fields for this App page. Go to Accounts receivable > All customers and click on “Select fields” in all customer page.

8.      When you click on “Select fields” on AX side “All Customer” form few fields will be highlighted, shown in below image

9. Click on “+” sign next to each field to add them to your mobile app page. As you select these fields they will appear in right side window where you are configuring your mobile app. Once you select all your required fields click on Done.

10. On the next screen, to set any further property click on the Property button which is available for each selected field.

11. Now click on Back > Done > Save.
12. As a final step, you need to publish this app workspace, select your workspace and click on Publish button on top.

13. You get a system notification on the successful action.

14. I have tested this on an android device, go to your app. I hope you already logged in successfully in the mobile app earlier. Now pull down the screen to refresh ( as we do in most of the mobile app like Facebook, LinkedIn, Outlook). A new workspace must appear in the app, Customers, below are the screenshots from the app.


Here the sequence of a field that you selected during field selection for a page is very important, we choose Customer group first than Customer account hence we got Customer group on top of each record. So, choose your fields carefully.

In the next post, we will discuss how to create a new record using the mobile app. We will be continuing the same app there.




  1. in your post in comunity , there is a typo, at one place you wrote Dynamics 364 instead of 365 :) take care of o that .

    nice sharing overall.

    1. Thanks mate for your valuable feedback. I already fixed that typos.
      I always tried to write error free post, however such hints are always welcomed. Keep sharing your feedback.

  2. Even after reading your post, my knowledge won't be enough to develop an optimized application for mass use, as it is usually done by the team for software development. Firstly, if it comes to practice, this is a huge amount of calculations that are beyond the ability of one person.
    Secondly, testing and eliminating inaccuracies, debugging, all this point has much greater importance on a large scale.
    I agree with the advice of my colleague who said all stages of development must be entrusted to the team of professionals who will take responsibility and provide the required result.

    1. Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Although this post will not help you for advance development, its just basic for creating new workspaces in existing mobile app for D365 unified app.

      I completely agree on the point for large enterprise application which surely need a dedicated team on each area.


  3. Hi Deepak,
    Is it possible to publish analytical workspace like CFO overview workspace?

    1. Hi Sujit,

      Technically it should be, as you will get option to add fields from this workspace's forms. However you need to give a try how it behave while access from mobile app. Share your feedback here.

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  5. Thanks for sharing about mobile app development information in your page



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