April 01, 2018

VSTS setup MSDyn365FO

Hi Guys,

Lets see how to setup the VSTS in your LCS project and followed by how to use the VSTS version controlling for your development stuff.
Note: This post may refer some old version of D365FO, please check all available option while preforming the below steps.

1. Create a project on LCS
2. Deploy on Azure
3. On azure management portal, create a VSTS
4. Open this new link and generate a token for LCS project
5. On LCS add this VSTS and use this token
6. Authorize VSTS on LCS
7. Now need to connect this VSTS with VS
· Start Visual Studio.
· From the Team menu or Team Explorer, go to Connect to Team Foundation Server > Select Team Projects > Servers.
· Add your Team Services account ({youraccount}.visualstudio.com).
· Select your team project, and finish connecting.

8. Enter you TFS server name/URL


9. Now select the project that you need to connect,

10. For first use configure the Visual Studio

11. Now, let's check the setting, Create a project in Visual Studio and add an object. Now Right Click on Solution click on “Add solution to Source Control”

12. Now let's check in the object/Change to VSTS; Again right click on Solution and select “Check in”

13. Enter some comment and click on Check-In

While prompt, confirm the check-in.

14, You must get your project in VSTS

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