August 01, 2020

[Solved] Logic app error with ImportFromPackage - The mapping is incorrect for entity

Error Message: 

Below error message comes when trying to import a data package in D365FO using ImportFromPackage action. 



  "message""An error has occurred.  Exception occurred while executing action ImportFromPackage on Entity DataManagementDefinitionGroup: The mapping is incorrect for entity <EntityName> and field {0000000}.\r\nclientRequestId: 0000000",

  "error": {

    "message""An error has occurred.  Exception occurred while executing action ImportFromPackage on Entity DataManagementDefinitionGroup: The mapping is incorrect for entity <EntityName> and field {0000000}."



  "errors": []



 Possible reason and solution:


Generally, this issue comes when you provide the wrong file format. Check what file format type you mention in your import package you might have provided different file formats.

The most common scenario is when you are supposed to send a CSV file but accidentally passed an excel file and vice versa.


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