November 07, 2012

SysQueryRangeUtil class -Use method name as query criteria(Reports)

SysQueryRangeUtil class - use method name as query criteria

This is a cool new feature in AX 2009 - you can now use a method name instead of literal value in query criteria!

For example, if you run a report every month, previously you need to change the date criteria in each month you running the report 
(ie.“01/06/2010..30/06/2010”,  “01/07/2010..31/07/2010”, etc).
Now you only need to enter (monthRange(0, 0)) which will automatic return the correct first day and last day of the month.

For Example: - 

You can also refer to the SysQueryRangeUtil class – there are a lot of useful methods such as dateRange(), currentEmployeeId(), etc. It’s also possible to create new method on this class for special purpose. But do this with caution.

- Harry

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