November 16, 2012

How to run Client Batches on AX 2009

How to run Client Batches on AX 2009

In AX 2009 the batch engine has been changed to run as a service.
The batch services do only process server batches they don't process client batches aynmore.

There might still be some situations where you would like to run client batches.
The following description explains how to do this.

  • Create a new batch group 'Client' which is used for client batches later.
    (Administration -> Setup -> Batch groups)
  • Add this batch group to an AOS acting as batch server.
    (Administration -> Setup -> Server configuration)
    This is needed to change the status from 'Waiting' to 'Ready' on the batch tasks and to 'Execute' on the batch jobs.
    The batch server will not process any client batches.
  • Start the legacy batch client
    (Basic -> Periodic -> Batch -> Processing)
  • Select the new created batch group 'Client' and press 'OK'
The client batch server will now process all client batches of the 'Client' batch group.

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  1. Do you know how to get rid of a batch job that is set to run on the client and is stuck in executing status?



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