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How to Restore deleted sales order or purchase order

How to Restore deleted sales order or purchase order in AX 2009

Hi Frnds,
Some times fortunately or unfortunately user delete a record from Purchase Order OR Sales Order Forms,
and it can be drag you in a big problems, Here I am sharing a trick to restore these deleted Order records.
When ever a record is deleted from a Form, it sits in the void tables. These orders can be viewed from

AR -> Inquiries -> History -> Voided sales order or AP -> Inquiries -> History -> Voided Sales order.

AP -> Inquiries -> History -> Voided sales order or AP -> Inquiries -> History -> Voided Purchase order.

Now from this form you can only view the deleted orders but there is not option of restoring them.
Below are some sample code, you can use this to restore the voided orders.

Sales order restoration:
static void restoreDeletedSO(Args _args)
    SalesTableDelete    salesTableDelete;
    SalesLineDelete     salesLineDelete;
    SalesTable          salesTable;

AX 2012 – Data Migration Framework

AX 2012 – Data Migration Framework: Step-by-step setup Recently i found a great blog on Data Migration Framework, follow this link
AX 2012 – Data Migration Framework: Step-by-step setup
Its really help full for the step by step process of Data migration in AX 2009 to Ax 2012.
- Hary

How to send E-Mail In Microsoft Dynamics AX

How to send E-mail In  AXThere are more than one way to send emails through Microsoft Dynamics AX system, using X++ code.
The most recommended way is to use the standard mail mechanism built in the system.
That way copies of any email you send will be save in the Email sending status form (based on tableSysOutgoingEmailTable) and you will be able to monitor and see status of sent emails:

(Administration -> Periodic -> E-mail processing -> Email sending status; Form: SysOutgoingEmailTable)

This mechanism based on a system table that contain the emails, and a batch job that scan that table and send the emails, one by one (with retries and status controlling).
This technique is very simple to use and therefore it has some disadvantages; you cannot add attachments or use advanced email properties (cc, bcc, priority flag, etc).
To use this mechanism, first you have to make sure you a SMTP server configured and running.
Go to
Administration -> Se…

Security Keys in Ax

Security Keys in AxDynamics Ax provides following keys to provide the security for your application

1.License Keys :

It is the First Level Security , specifies what all featues/modules/developemnt tools we can access in the standard product. License Keys will be used after installation to unlock the product. License Keys will be issued by the microsoft for partners/vendors to develop vertical/generic solutions.

2.Configuration Keys :

It is Second Level Security , To Enable/Disable the object/feature for all the users.

3.Security Keys :

These keys used for enable/disable any object/features to group of users.

4. Record Level security :

Basically it deals with the data , if you want to restrict the viewing of records per user group than we setup record level security.


How to Enable X++ debugging for Dynamics Ax 4.0 Enterprise Portal

How to Enable X++ debugging For Enterprise PortalTo enable X++ debugging in the current user session in Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0, follow these steps:
1. On the server that is running Internet Information Services (IIS), open a console session (also known as session 0). To use Terminal Server to do this, click Start, click Run, type mstsc /console in the Open box, and then click OK. Then, start Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 in the Terminal Server session.
2. Set the .NET Business Connector configuration and the client configuration to enable breakpoints when you run the Business Connector. To do this, follow these steps:
 a. Click Start, click Run, type Control admintools, and then click OK.  b. Double-click Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration Utility.  c. In the Configuration target list, click Business Connector (Non-interactive use only).  d. On the Developer tab, click to select the Enable user breakpoints to debug code running in the business      connector check box and the Enable global …