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Recurring Data import/Export in AX7

Hi Folks,
Since we have AX7 in market now and many of us already started on this excited version. There are many new things coming in and some are deprecated as well. 
I was facing a requirement on DIXF in AX7 where I need to import a file from a shared path. As AX7 is on Azure now and every export/import will be using blob. So here issues come, how we can use our shared path to import/Export the files. However, I didn’t found any straight forward method for dequeue (export), but successfully done with enqueue(Import).
You can refer below link for more details and download API to support your customization.

If you check the README file in DIXF sample, where they mention some compatibility issue with CTP8 version, so EXCEL will not have supported there, you may face version issue 
"The version of Microsoft Excel is not supported. -Exception from HRESU…