June 01, 2016

Extensible Data Security Framework in MS Dynamics AX 7

This feature replaces the record level security feature available in earlier releases of AX. The extensible data security framework or XDS policy framework enables developers and administrators to secure data in shared tables such that users have access to only the part of the table that is allowed by the enforced policy.
1. Improved filters for data security
2. Data security based on effective date
3. Data security policy concept

1. Constrained table
2. Primary table
3. Policy query
4. Context

Step 1: Create a query
Step 2: Create a policy
Step 3: Add constrained table or view
Step 4: Configure the context

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April 18, 2016

ITI Windows 10 Roadshow - April 23, 2016 (Noida)

Hi Folks

IT Implementer Community Roadshow -  Windows 10
Discover the most innovative and reliable Windows yet!

Windows 10 brings increased stability and predictability to your
organization, while minimizing risk. Attend this session on What's new
in Windows 10 Enterprise: Increasing Security, Predictability, and
Compatibility to explore new servicing, security, and management
features that enable corporate data access across devices and platforms
while allowing you to maintain control over those devices. 
Join us to explore:

* What's new in Windows 10.
* How to help ensure application compatibility with new and
legacy LOB apps with Microsoft Edge and IE 11.
*  How to implement security and identity capabilities through
Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Hello/Passport, Device Guard,
Enterprise Data Protection, as well as Multi-Factor Authentication.
* Windows as a Service.
How to create and configure deployment and management packages using
Microsoft Mobile Device Management, and Microsoft Intune.

The Park Plaza Noida C-Block, Sector 55, Noida, UP 201307, India
Phone: +91 120 4678888

Register here:


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