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How to deploy a Package [AX7]

Hi Folks,

[Make sure you will run every application as admin]

I hope many of us already moved on Next version of Dynamics AX. Today I am going to demonstrate “How to Deploy a Package in AX7”. In current version, we have new architecture for code deployment. Now we don’t have the option for ad hoc import, like we did using XPO export import. Now AX is very different in terms of deployment, code movement and build etc, Please refer this post for more details this architecture.
Every customization must be moved using deployable package from one environment to another. There two ways to move this package on target environment.

A. Using LCS services.
B. Manual using command prompt.

Here I’ll show using command prompt, as I found its better than LCS (After successfully deploy many packages J)
Follow below steps,

1. Create Deployment Package:
Run VS as admin, Go to Dynamics AX menu. Select Create a deployment package as shown below.

Choose your package from list and path to save this file

Click on c…

Fourth time in a row

Hi All, 
After a hattrick, it’s my fourth time in a row.  Thanks to each of you for your and support.
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-Deepak Agarwal aka Harry 

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