May 16, 2018

How deploy a metadata or X++ hotfix [D365FO]

[Edited: Oct 16, 2018]

Hi Folks,

Here I’m going to share how to deploy a metadata or X++ hotfix using Visual Studio menu. Follow below steps to get this done. I strongly recommend using VSTS check in once hotfix deployed. Of course, you don't have RDP access other than DEV environment so this option should be for DEV servers only.
Let's start by getting into your dev machine (RDP access).

1. Open Visual studio as admin
2. GO to D365> addins

3. Next windows

Browse metadata hotfix file

The file must be unzipped from a folder.

4. Click on prepare button

You will get an info log for completion

5. Now close this dialog box and As a next step, you need to check-in all affected object in VSTS. Its a mandatory step in the process so in case anything goes wrong you will have the option to revert the hotfix changes.
if you missed this step and you need to revert the changes, the system may delete the object itself as these objects were never part of VSTS.

6. After this intermediate code check-in, repeat step 2 and 3 and this time click on apply directly.

Get Infolog once complete

7. Do application build with DB synch and test the hotfix. If the hotfix is working expected than you need to check-in the objects again.

8. Sometimes these changes don’t come in pending changes for VSTS. In that case, you may need to add manually in VSTS branch. Go to Source control > <VSTS branch> > Metadata folder> Right click and select  “Add Items to folder”. Don’t create any folder manually, the system must create respective folders automatically when you add an item.

9. Now the same can be added in the next deployment package to get this hotfix to change in further environment (another dev box or UAT/SIT/QA).

[Updated on Oct 22, 2018]
Here is a link for further reference,

Thanks, Guys, Enjoy….


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