May 19, 2017

Breakpoint not hit in Visual studio [Dynamics 365]

Hi Folks,

Situation: While put a breakpoint and try to hit debug on any object which is not a part of your solution/project; Breakpoint will not hit. You will get below message.

“The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.”


Possible reason: This is because of one of Debugger property that will not load any symbols for other than Solution/Project objects.
Solution: To enable such debugging, you have to set the debugger property,
Uncheck this option Load symbols only for items in the solution as shown below snaps,

Step 1: Go to Dynamics 365 menu in Visual studio and select option


Step 2: Choose Debugging option from list and uncheck the Load symbols only for items in the solution


Now try to run again, this time breakpoint should hit as expected.




  1. Hi Venkat,

    Please share more details. What exactly you are looking for.


  2. Hello, is anybody here, someday has a problem with losing dll files. Because I had recently big problems with opening program visual studio, so I start to follow the advices with downloading and restoring the dll files again. On the source I found all important things. Maybe is happens after power outages, who knows...



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