May 13, 2017

Send Message to all Online users [Dynamics 365 FO]

Hi Guys,

In D365 where we manage most of the things using LCS, if there is any Planned/Unplanned activity need to perform on server and down time require.
In such case, you need to send a message to all online used for that particular environment. To do that simply follow below steps,

Step 1: Login into your LCS account. 

Step 2: Under Environment section > select your environment. > Click on maintain option > Select Message online users.


Step 3: Here you will have two options
i.                    Broadcast a new message for downtime: Post a new message
ii.                 Cancel message: To cancel any previous posted message.


Step 4: Select Broadcast a new message for downtime, you have to provide message start date time and when this operation will begin OR massage valid to date time. click on Post button and click when asking for confirmation.


Step 5: When a user will login into environment he/she must get this message

Step 6: Now if in case you have to postpone or cancel this activity, choose second option i.e. Cancel message, system will ask which message you want to cancel as there can be multiple messages.

Let’s try to cancel first message that we created in last step. In the right corner, you will found a delete icon, click on that icon and hit yes when ask for confirmation. You will see now only two messages are active here


Now when user will login in next time he/she will not any notification from system.


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  1. Hello fellow D365 users and admin,
    Is it possible to change the broadcast message?



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