February 09, 2018

Mobile app development in D365 for FO- Part II

Hi Folks,

In my last post, Mobile app development in D365 for FO - Part I, we discussed how to create a simple workspace for the mobile platform. In today's post, I will share some of the deployment methods for mobile workspace.

In the current version of the mobile app, we can create two types of workspaces that are available to deployment.

a. In database
b. In metadata

a. Database workspaces:
When a user builds an app workspace using web API, it will have stored in the database and anyone can edit or delete such pages.

Database pages easy to create with navigation only. Mobile app framework will record user action and convert into logic, pages actually work the same as a user will record for it. It’s important that the user has clear visibility of what user requirements before creating a page or action.
There are three sections in mobile workspace

i. Pages: Pages that will appear in the mobile workspace, to display data.
ii. Action: To perform CRUD operations.
iii. Logic: Attach the JS file.

Current mobile app framework is flexible in terms of designing flow, the user must be very careful how the user is recording the business process while configuration.

b. Metadata workspace

These pages need to be developed using classes in VS. Metadata workspaces cannot be created directly in VS, firstly user needs to create a workspace in user database using the above method and then attached user workspace to it.

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