May 06, 2013

X++ Code to Create Purchase Order and Post the Invoice.

X++ Code to Create Purchase Order and Post the Invoice.

Following code will create the Purchase order from code and post the invoice as well by making use of "PurchFormLetter" class.

static void TheaxaptaCreatePOInvoice(Args _args)

NumberSeq numberSeq;
Purchtable Purchtable;
PurchLine PurchLine;
PurchFormLetter purchFormLetter;
numberSeq = NumberSeq::newGetNumFromCode(purchParameters::numRefPurchaseOrderId().NumberSequence,true);
// Initialize Purchase order values
Purchtable.PurchId = numberSeq.num();
Purchtable.OrderAccount = '3000';
if (!Purchtable.validateWrite())
throw Exception::Error;
// Initialize Purchase Line items
PurchLine.PurchId = Purchtable.PurchId;
PurchLine.ItemId = 'B-R14';
PurchLine.createLine(true, true, true, true, true, false);
purchFormLetter = purchFormLetter::construct(DocumentStatus::Invoice);
purchFormLetter.update(purchtable, // Purchase record Buffer
"Inv_"+purchTable.PurchId, // Invoice Number
systemdateget()); // Transaction date
if (PurchTable::find(purchTable.PurchId).DocumentStatus == DocumentStatus::Invoice)
info(strfmt("Posted invoiced journal for purchase order %1",purchTable.PurchId));

You can Change the document status to packingSlip , if you want to post packing slip by using the same code.


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  1. NumberSeq::newGetNumFromCode(purchParameters::numRefPurchaseOrderId().NumberSequence,true);
    dosn't compile.



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