March 19, 2015

Workflow setup in AX2012 R3 CU8

Hi Folks,

Here is the steps to setup the workflow in CU8. To setup workflow for first time, we need to setup it first.

1. First of all we need a batch group which can handle the workflow triggers and proceed workflow task, also send the the notification to users.
 Go to System admin-> Setup -> Batch Group
Add a new batch group for workflow,


Add batch server accordingly.

2. Now we need to setup the workflow parameters 
Go to System Admin -> Setup -> workflow -> Workflow parameter

Select workflow email template. (You may need to create a new workflow Email template)

3. Go to System Admin -> Setup -> workflow -> click on Workflow infrastructure Configuration
Now a wizard will open and Follow below steps

4. Configure the workflow message processing batch job
Select Batch group in below screen. (This may be not editable if already some records exists in respective tables)

5. Configure the workflow due date processing batch job
On next screen select same batch group and enter the number of hours for recurrence interval

6. Configure the line-item workflow notification batch job
In this screen we need to select a batch group and the number of minutes for recurrence interval of this job

7. As next screen you will have below screen to finish this process

So…. Now your system is ready for workflow process.


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