September 13, 2015

How to Export/Import Label files in AX 2012

Label are pretty different in AX2012 instead of earlier version of AX. Here is quick steps to import and export Label files from one Environment to other. You also perform an update on label files.
Export a Label file:
Open AOT, Expend Label node. Choose Label and require language to export. You can do it for individual language or you can select multiple language all in once.
Exported file will save on selected path with extension “.ald”.
Import Label File:
Right click on Label node in AOT and select “Create from File”, choose ald file to import than hit create.


Update a Label file:
Import the new updated label file system will ask to overwrite , go ahead
It will update your existing Label file.
Note: You must run full Synch after every import/Update.
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