September 23, 2018

RecordInserList class for optimized insert operation

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RecordInsertList class is the really useful and fastest way to insert records in AX table(s). This method is useful you don't want to run any validation while insertion for an example; insert in a temp table or SSRS reports. 

Below is the simplest example of set based RecordInserList class,
void copyVendor()
    VendTable    sourceVend;
    MyTmpTable   targetVend;

    //RecordInserList calss decarion
    RecordInsertList VendList;

  //Object initialization
    VendList = new RecordInsertList(tableNum(Vendtable));

    while select sourceVend
    where sourceVend.vendgroupId == ‘Local’
        targetVend.vendorAccount = sourceVend.vendorAccount;
    VendList.insertDatabase(); //mandatory call

Another example from MSDN

public void tutorialRecordInsertList()
        MyTable myTable;
        RecordInsertList insertList = new RecordInsertList(
        int i;
        for ( i = 1; i <=  100; i++ )
            myTable.value = i;

RecordInserList class will capture all record in temp and hit The DataBase only once when we call insertDatabase(). add() insert certain blocks followed by insertDatabase to complete the insert operation. 
This is how we can reduce the SQL call and optimize the performance as well.


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