January 11, 2019

General Electronic Reporting (GER) configuration Import in new environment

Hi Folks,
Generic Electronic Reporting (GER) aka Electronic Reporting (ER) is a great tool to configure document formats for both incoming and outgoing electronic documents in accordance with the legal requirements of various countries/regions. The ER engine lets business users use GER without the help of a developer OR any change in code, as users configure the document formats instead of code development. The user can create different types of documents like JSON, PDF, EXCEL, WORD, XML, and TEXT to support different system requirements. For more details on GER refer to MS documentation here.

Now let's see how to move GER configuration from dev to another environment. Once you complete all your change in the respective model or format, change the status to complete with some meaningful description. Post that system will create one more version with a draft.

Now you can change the status of a completed version to Shared. If you are facing any error, double-check if the configuration repositories are configured properly with LCS. Once you shared a version it will be available on LCS to import in any other environment. You can see them in your LCS project. Log in into https://lcs.dynamics.com/v2/


Now in the new environment, make sure you configured repositories properly for both operation and LCS. Select LCS and click Open.

In the next screen post-LCS connection authorization you must see all customized reporting configuration that is shared over LCS. Select your desired configuration, select the right version, and Import it.
That's it….. Smile The configuration is successfully imported into your current machine and ready to use. If you are importing a format, make sure the respective data model already exists in your environment. If it's not there you should import the data model as well.


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