July 19, 2019

Object compare in #MSD365FO

How to compare an AOT object in D365FO.

If you received a project export (.axpp file) and you want to see what's the changes between this file and your current code. While importing this project (from Dynamic 365 menu in VS), right-click on the object and you will get the option to compare this object from your current metadata.

It will open a compare window

1 is a model store or your current metadata.
2 is Target file or file from import project
3 is a menu bar with 'Next', 'Previous', 'Expand all' and 'compare code' options.

when you click on 'compare code' option it will open this compare file in the visual studio itself, similar to other compare option.

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  1. What about comparing Form extension with actual form. How can we do that?

    1. Hi Harron, When you open that form in design, in top search bar type 'e:' and you should be able to see changes in your extension only. Give a try and let me know if that work for your requirement.



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