August 18, 2019

How to increase font size in BizTalk schema/Map editor

Hi Folk,

Now when Logic apps are all over around the integration of D365FO, I am sure you have seen BizTalk editor once in a while. The default editor's font size is so small, you may need a magnifier glass. And I really mean it.

I searched for some solution around the web but didn't found much of the help. Well, here I am sharing my finding with the possible solution or I would say most suitable solution as of now.

Here is a screenshot of the default font size.

To fix this issue, Go to

Setting > Display setting > Advance Display setting > Advance Sizing of text and other Items

Above navigate should give you below screen

here click on 'set a custom scaling level'. and set the scale to 300%

Once you have done this, re-login into the system and see the changes. Below is the new appearance of the same map.

For more details on BizTalk check below link,

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