September 23, 2019

[Solved] The server did not received a response from an upstream server

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Here we come to our second post on Logic app troubleshooting. Check this link (if you haven't yet) for the previous post.


  "error": {
    "code": "NoResponse",
    "message": "The server did not received a response from an upstream server. Request tracking id '#########'."

Possible reason: 

Well, there is not an issue in your logic app, it's running fine. There must be some issue with data.


As its a data related issue and to see more details on the error, navigate to data management in FO and see the execution history of this export/Import. You must get detail of error and once you fix them you must be able to run successful next time. Also, I would recommend adding an extra action on your logic app to handle this error.

Another thing you can try to do import same file manually and if you found the issue, fix that and try again with Logic app.

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PS: Logic apps can be used for multiple purposes. In most of my post, I'll be dealing with in #MSD365FO  related issues.

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