May 07, 2020

[Solved] Logic app error while calling D365FO action GetAzureWriteUrl

  "message""An error has occurred.  Exception occurred while executing action GetAzureWriteUrl on Entity DataManagementDefinitionGroup: The blob with identifier  could not be obtained.\r\nclientRequestId: ###### ###",
  "error": {
    "message""An error has occurred.  Exception occurred while executing action GetAzureWriteUrl on Entity DataManagementDefinitionGroup: The blob with identifier  could not be obtained."
  "errors": []

Possible reason:

If it's coming on newly added action than you are missing guid, If you modify anything on the action the guid parameter clears itself and you need to put it again.


Pass a unique value in the action parameter uniqueFileName  , you can write an expression for guid like guid().


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