June 14, 2020

AppChecker in Dynamics 365 Finance and operations

Hi Folks,


You may have seen one checkbox for AppChecker while doing a model build or while creating deployable packages OR maybe somewhere else in this lockdown. :)


Have you ever wondered what this all about and why it can be useful in your project. Well this tool is another check to ensure that your custom code meets all MS best practice and it behaves kind of a gatekeeper to ensure your coding standards are met to avoid any further upgrade issue with #MSDyn365FO.


In other words (I mean using copy-paste ;)  it Allows you to get insights into what processes a particular application is performing, including stack traces and low level memory management data. It will complement Activity Tracking and will hopefully have its own dashboard in LCS where all of this data is overlaid for easy consumption.


You can get more details on AppChecker on below links


Application checker on GitHub


Biggest Takeaways From Microsoft BizApp Summit 2019


Enjoy home arrest for few more days..... No week or maybe another month.




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