December 08, 2022

QuickFix: Visual studio run as admin by default

Hi Folks, 

If you just rolled out a new DEV VM and using VS for first time OR even you are using any VM for development, you must aware that Visual studio should run as admin to use for development. You may not be able to do all the things without Admin run. 

Now here I am sharing a quick tip to run VS as admin by default.
1. Click on window icon and search 'devenv'

2. Right click on this and 'Open file location'
3. Copy shortcut from here and paste on desktop.
4. Now you got this shortcut on your desktop, right click on this and click property > Advance
5. Here select 'Run as administrator'' check box. and click on ok/apply. 

That's it. Now the desktop shortcut will always run as admin. 

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