May 02, 2012

Enum values in Query ranges

Enum values in Query ranges

I've come accross a very geniun mistake which most of the developers usually do. Specially those who are working on a single language and do not test their code properly for other languages. This is related to the use of Enum values in Query ranges.

public void init()
QueryBuildRange criteriaOpen;
criteriaOpen = this.query().dataSourceTable(tableNum(ProdTable)).addRange(fieldnum(ProdTable, ProdStatus));
// it does not work in non-English interface!!!
Though you will not find any compilation or run time error with this. However, the query will not read value when you run it in non english environment.
The correct way to use enum in query is

Did you got your answer.......??? :)

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  1. We can give ENUM values like this, but if we have to give multiple values in query range then we have to give it like string only
    criteriaOpen.value("Started, Ended");



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