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Join Two Tables at Run Time

How to join Two tables at RunTime, without using Datasource

static void QueryJoin2Tables(Args _agrs)
AxTestTable1 AxTestTable1;  // Table 1
AxTestTable2 AxTestTable2;  // another table which you want to join with table 1
Query q;
QueryBuildDataSource qbdAxTestTable1, qbdAxTestTable2;  // objects for both tables
QueryBuildRange qbr;
QueryRun qr;

        q = new Query(); //to make a new query

qbdAxTeatTable2 = q.addDataSource(tablenum(AxTestTable2)); // To Add table to query


         qbdAxTeatTable1 = qbdAxTestTable2.adddataSource(tablenum(AxTestTable));


    qr = new QueryRun(q); // to fetch records from query
AxTestTable1 = qr.get(tablenum(AxTestTable));


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