May 25, 2012

Send Method

Hi frnd,

Overload your send method and copy paste following code, n yes dont forget to change the tables name here...

All d best ............:)

public boolean send(Common _cursor, int _level=1, boolean _triggerOffBody=TRUE, boolean_newPageBeforeBody=FALSE)
    boolean ret;
    LedgerJournalTrans ledgerJournalTrans1;

    if (_cursor.tableId == ledgerJournalTrans.tableId)
        ledgerJournalTrans1 = _cursor;
    if (ledgerJournalTrans.PaymMode == "RTGS" || ledgerJournalTrans.PaymMode == "NEFT")
       ret = super(_cursor, _level, _triggerOffBody, _newPageBeforeBody);
    return ret;

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