July 17, 2012

How to create a form with SimpleList-template

How to create a form with SimpleList-template...

Follow these simple steps.....
  1. Go to the AOT;
  2. Right-click the Forms-section and select the SimpleList-template;
  3. Then drag it to your project;
  4. The SimpleList-form is created, you will see a DataSource-section under the SimpleList-form;
  5. Drag and drop the table, you want to visualize on the SimpleList, to the DataSource-section of the form;
  6. Expand the Design-section of the SimpleList, you'll find the Grid-control;
  7. Finally select the Grid:
    1. Go to properties of the Grid to set the DataSource (this has to be the table that we've dropped);
    2. You also have to set the DataGroup (this is the fieldgroup or the fields of the table that we want to view);
  8. Save and open the form.

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