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Form class and tables are used by a specific Dynamics AX form/functional

How to find out which Form class and tables are used by a specific Dynamics AX form/functional 

Hi Friends,

This Technique will help you every where when you need to find the back End of any form report.

This is a basic tip for developers who are starting with Dynamics AX. So, to find the form class and tables that are used by a functional process (like when you are executing and seeing an AX form), what we need to do first is to find out the form class name. To find the AOT form class name, open that form that's used in a process and Right-click on the form (over any record, for example) and select Setup. From there we can see the Form class definition and drill down to see all the tables it is using and so on.

In red circle you found the table/Class name and its respective field.
For practice just  choose a form and try to find all related tables and used fields.
this will very help full for you to under stand the Form.

- Harry

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