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How export data to csv file in Ax 2009

How export data to csv file in Ax 2009

Hi friends ,

   Today we will learn how to exporting our  data from Ax 2009 to csv file format. The programming is done through X++ code. Change the code as per your requirements. Now we will have a simple example of writing the invent table to the csv file

public static void main(Args _args)
    Commaio file;
    container line;
    InventTable inventTable;

    file = new Commaio(#filename , #io_write); or  file = new Commaio(#filename , 'W');
    if( !file || file.status() != IO_Status::Ok)
        throw error("File Cannot be opened");
    while select inventTable
        line = [inventTable.ItemId,inventTable.ItemName];

You can save the document in any format such as doc,txt,xls only.


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