April 20, 2013

Sunday Fun Day............ Cheers ...........

Hi Friends;
Finally its Sunday tomorrow,  Awhhhhh rest is best this day.
Check these funny Lines for you and your buddies check it out........

Types of Project Managers; which one are you? -- 
    If you get in my way, I'll kill you! - ideal project manager
If you get in my way, you'll kill me! - somewhat less than ideal project manager 
    If I get in my way, I'll kill you! - somewhat misguided project manager 

If I get in your way, I'll kill you! - A tough project manager (eats glass, live cats, etc.) 
    If get kill in will way I you. - dyslexic, functionally illiterate project manager 

I am the way! Kill me if you can! - messianic project manager 
    Get away, I'll kill us all! - suicidal project manager 

If you kill me, I'll get in your way. - thoughtful but ineffective project manager 
    If I kill you I'll get in your way. - project manager who has trouble dealing with the obvious 
If a you gotta in my way, I gonna breaks you arm. - project manager from New York 


I am quite confident that there is nothing in the way, so no one will get killed. - project manager who is about to get in big trouble 


If you kill me, so what? If you get in my way, who cares? - weak, uninspired, lackluster project manager 

If I kill me, you'll get your way. - pragmatic project manager 
    If we get in each other's way, who will get killed? - An utterly confused manager
    Kill me, it's the only way. - every project manager to date.

-Harry.................... :)

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